AnM.3: Narratives

AnM.3: Narratives

Narratives are used in different parts of FenRIAM to give examples of SE impacts of a facility as experienced by witnesses. The detailed and illustrative descriptions can provide an idea about the possible SE impacts achieved by a new or planned facility.

Narratives in FenRIAM are detailed and illustrative descriptions of SE impacts achieved by a RI in the form of stories told by testimonies. This may e.g. be the description by a researcher of a newly developed scientific instrument, the achieved technical progress and the device's significance for pushing the frontiers of sciences. It can also be the story about setting up a spin-off told by a manager of the new company or the narrative about a collaboration project and its benefits for a firm described by an involved engineer of the firm. A narrative can also be the chronicle of a local policy maker or citizen about the social and economic development of a village near an RI site since the start of an RI project.


  • Identify facility impacts, for which narratives might be valuable in order to understand the complete effect or which can only be illustrated through narratives.
  • Identify suitable reliable witnesses.
  • Contact and interview the witnesses.
  • Write the stories told by the witnesses.

Data sources:

  • Interviews with testimonies able to describe effects of a RI facility according to their personal experiences.
  • Analysis of documents where testimonies describe effects of a RI facility according to their personal experiences.