AnM.18: Skill-Will Matrix

Skill-Will Matrix

The skill-will matrix can be used in order to identify possible participating stakeholder and analyse their specific role in a certain policy field addressed by a foresight exercise.

The method is based on the assumption that the effective participation of actors is influenced by both the skills to act on the strategy and the will to participate in it.

The two dimensions – i.e. skill on the slope and will on the intercept, increasing both from low to high, on a grade-based scale previously set - can be plotted in a matrix having four strategic quadrants:
i) Laggards are stakeholders that lack the skills to participate and also are not willing to participate, and thus which will be reluctant to be involved in the strategy. Their will limit themselves to the follower role.
ii) Defendants are those actors that will be interested in strategy participation, but their objective is to preserve the current situation. They may be the potential opponents of the proposed strategy.
iii) Supporters are those actors that support and are willing to participate in a certain strategy, but are lacking the necessary skills.
iv) Champions are the most important actors, playing the most significant roles in the strategy. They not only support the proposed improvements, but also possess the skills to required for its successful putting into practice.

Data sources:

  • Collecting information on the relevant actors and on their intentions and skills/capabilities


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