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Scoping the assessment

In the case of ex-post impact estimation of an existing RI, the scoping needs to clarify the reference period and the area of impact.

The most obvious reference moment for the impact assessment is the initiation of the work around the development of the RI. However, one should consider that previous effects (e.g. change in land price in the area) may occur from a previous period (e.g. announcement of the RI development). Also, some may distinguish between the impact in the construction phase and the operation phase.

The extension of area/region for which SE impact is estimated is to be determined taking into account the envisaged users of the assessment (e.g. local community leaders, national politicians), by the operational environment of the RI and the level of disaggregation of the statistical data available. The larger the area, the larger the measured impact of the RI, as more indirect impact lines are considered.

Figure. Spatial and sectorial system of reference