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Module Risk: Project Risk Analysis

Module Risk: Project Risk Analysis

This module supports the collection, analysis and presentation of information about the risks associated with the RI project. It is divided into four categories. Risks take into account the potential events that can hinder or reduce the creation of benefits or even lead to undesired negative effects. They are directly related to the possible impacts of such a project. For this reason, analysis and discussion of the project risks is important in the context of a SE impact analysis. Risk analysis can help to predetermine adequate options for mitigating risk. The different categories cover different types of risks, namely the financial risks, potential risks concerning the supply with knowledge, skills and technology, the different risks created by the external context for the project, and the ecological and environmental risks (includes workers and the local population). The required information is mainly collected through an analysis of the project documents and face-to-face interviews with scientific and technical experts, as well as independent external expertise (for example radiation). A simple risk analysis method based on an assessment of the likelihood and consequences of a possible event is applied, which allows the risk level for each event to be defined. The results of the analysis are mostly descriptive.


Interview Guideline

Interview Support Template

Likelihood of Events

Severity of Events

Risk Level Definition