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The final report of FenRIAM needs to address the decision makers in the framework of the scoping document. From a support decision instrument perspective, the following principles are recommended when writing the final report:

  • » Provide a general introductory perspective of the impact lines.

While a lot of data is collected during the different steps of the procedure, its significance in the final assessment may be revealed gradually. Therefore the final report may start with a short narrative depicting the main aspects of the RI and the region that contribute to the estimated impact, the main assumptions on future events and the main indicators in relation with the foreseen causalities.

  • » Ensure easy interpretation of the indicators

FenRIAM modules involve a series of technical sections. All the aspects that enable calculations need to be identified, but before that a brief presentation of the indicators and their relevance in the specific context ensure a proper reading of the report.

  • » Acknowledge the constraints in the application of the methodology, related to the data availability, stakeholders and experts involvement, changes in methods used etc.