CoM.7: Public Hearings

CoM.7: Public Hearings

Public Hearings or Wider Consultancy events can be used for validating, presenting and collecting feed-back on the FenRIAM results when rising of public awareness, building consensus and demonstration of transparency of the analytical process are needed.

A public hearing / wider consultancy event is a special meeting which allows the public to comment, ask questions or object on proposed projects or strategic development plans thus influencing official decisions prior their finalisation. They are also used for collecting data in a form of feed-back or public perception scanning on issues discussed. In FenRIAM wider consultancy workshops can be organised at each methodological step for validating results of the different modules (RI and Region profiles, System Dynamics, Impact Modules, Alternative Scenarios, Reporting) depending on the time and resources of the analytical team. Wider consultations are recommendable for scenarios where a public consensus around the developed visions has to be reached.


  • Identify groups and levels of stakeholders to be involved in the public hearing / wider consultancy event
  • Design and disseminate in advance an information package for the meeting – short summary of the RI project, goal of the FenRIAM assessment, agenda of the meeting, summary of the analytical results to be discussed.
  • Arrange the meeting’s  logistics
  • Conduct the meeting and keep record on the discussions
  • Prepare the meeting’s report and publish it on internet or send it out to the participants for comments
  • Revise your results according to the comments received

Data sources:

  • Own experiences / observations
  • Information package prepared and sent out by the analytical team


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