AnM.7: Micro-model "Experimental Shadow Value"

AnM.7: Micro-model "Experimental Shadow Value"

The model is used in FenRIAM to estimate the monetary value (cost) of the access time offered to the users of the RI.

Cost1 is based on the sum of total construction and operation costs.

Cost2 uses only the total operation costs over the RI's lifetime.

Cost3 subtracts the staff costs from the total RI costs.

Upgrading and decommissioning costs may be added to the costs in Cost1 and Cost3 in order to obtain a better estimate, if available.


  • Collect the data listed in the description of indicator S+T.1.5
  • Calculate the operation costs OpCo by multiplying the annual operation costs by the estimated lifetime LifeT of the RI in years
  • Calculate the staff costs for operation by multiplying the annual staff costs for operation by the lifetime LifeT of the RI in years.
  • Sum the staff costs for operation and the staff costs for construction in order to obtain the total staff costs StCo.
  • Calculate the available number of user access hours AvH over the lifetime of the RI by multiplying the number of experimental equip-ments N with the average functioning coefficient α, the planned num-ber of annual user access hours UserH and the RI's lifetime LifeT

AvH = α•N•UserH•LifeT

Alternatively sum over all equipments i with average functioning coefficients αi and annual user access hours UserHi

AvH = LifeT • ∑ αi• UserHi

  • Calculate Cost1, Cost2, and Cost3 from the formulas in the description. If desired, use the sum of construction, upgrading and decommissioning costs instead of construction costs only.

Data sources:

  • Interviews with suitable experts from the project (e.g. scientific project manager, responsible manager for user relations)
  • Document analysis of project documents or websites

α describes the fraction of the planned annual user access hours, during which the equipments are really functioning and can thus be used to perform research.