AnM.10: Gap Analysis

AnM.10: Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is used in FenRIAM in order to evaluate the gaps between required and available resources or performances. This can e.g. concern financial resources, HR, skills, infrastructures, services, or general supplies. Gaps between project demand and available supply can imply risks for the project and affect the project results negatively.

Gap analysis is a simple tool in order to assess the gap between the desired target state and the actually existing state. It is usually used in business analysis to develop strategies that allow closing the gap.


  • Identify the project needs with respect to a certain resource or performance.
  • Identify the currently available resources or performances.
  • Analyse the gap between demand and supply.
  • If a gap exists, identify the possible risks, planned contingency actions, and possible impacts on the project or external stakeholders.
  • Prepare a short report of the results.

Data sources:

  • Qualitative and quantitative information collected before