CoM.6: Expert Panels

CoM.6: Expert Panels

In FenRIAM, Expert panels are used for eliciting multidisciplinary expert knowledge when making analysis and prognosis/anticipation of complex issues. It is applied in the foresight process in Modules System Dynamics and Set of Alternative Scenarios where scenario workshops are to be organised. Expert panels can also be used in other Modules for complementing information gaps, validating results and/or preparing expert evaluation statements.

Expert panels are relatively time saving method for acquiring knowledge based on personal experience of professionals in different fields of activities. It is a participatory method for unbiased discussion, analysis and prognosis/anticipation of complex issues where transparency of the judgements is required. The panel can feature 12-20 stakeholders and requires 1-2 skilled facilitators to lead and balance the discussions. Time management, quality of the discussion results and equal representation of key stakeholders are critical for the success of the expert panel. The meeting has to be organised according to a pre-defined agenda with clear steps and goals to be reached at the end. Participating experts have to be provided in advance with a scoping document prepared by the FenRIAM team as information base for the further discussions. Mixed panels with participation of citizens and different experts require more intense facilitation and comprehensible information materials.


  • Identify groups of stakeholders related to your subject
  • Enrol experts from those groups through nomination and co-nomination
  • Compile and send out in advance to the panel experts a scoping document
  • Arrange the meeting’s agenda and logistics
  • Conduct the Expert Panel meeting and keep record on the discussion process and final results
  • Prepare the meeting’s report and send it out to the participants for comments
  • Disseminate the finalised report to the target readers.

Data sources:

  • Own experiences / observations
  • Scoping document with selected information for discussion's setting up


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