AnM.1: Descriptive Analysis

AnM.1: Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive content analysis is one of the major techniques used in FenRIAM in order to analyse and present the collected information. It is an effective and powerful tool to analyse the significant features of the host region and the facility's governance model and to assess more intangible effects of the RI as well as the final impacts of tangible outcomes.

Descriptive content analysis examines the quantitative and qualitative data collected through methods as e.g. document analysis, interviews or surveys with the aim of summarising the informational contents of these data with respect to the research question. The informational content is presented in a straight and descriptive summary structured according to the needs of the study.


  • Define the research question(s).
  • Review the collected data (excerpts from document analyses, inter­view transcripts and notes, survey and questionnaire evaluation reports, etc.) with respect to the research question(s).
  • Identify the informational contents with respect to the research question(s).
  • Prepare a concise descriptive summary of the key informational contents.

Data sources:

  • Qualitative and quantitative information collected before


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