AnM.6: Bibliometric Analysis

AnM.6: Bibliometric Analysis

Bibliometric analysis is used in FenRIAM in order to identify the impact of scientific papers from the RI. It can also be used as a tool to identify network and collaboration patterns (e.g. by analysing co-authorships).

Bibliometric analysis in FenRIAM studies the contents or citations of scientific papers and the citation of scientific papers in industrial patents in order to obtain information about the impacts of publications from the RI.
Note that a significant bibliometric analysis requires comprehensive information. Although informative, bibliometric analysis for RIs often underestimates the effects due to the difficulty to trace RI related outputs and collaborations.

The procedure depends on the possibilities offered by the selected database. The Scopus database offers the option to identify all publications with authors from a certain affiliation. These can be further analysed by year, author name, scientific field, journal name, or citation count. More complex applications should involve experts for bibliometric analysis.

  • To analyse the number of scientific papers, conduct an affiliation search for papers with authors from the facility (Scopus). This provides directly the number of papers published by authors from the facility for each year.
  • To identify the number of highly cited papers in general or in a certain period and their (average) citation counts, sort the list by citations and evaluate the result (Scopus).
  • To identify the papers in high-impact journals use the source title (journal name) filter for the relevant high-impact journals (Scopus).
  • To analyse the collaborations in a certain time period, analyse the co-author affiliations for each of the papers published by a scientist from the studied facility in order to identify major collaborating institutions.
  • To analyse the number of patents, conduct a research with the affiliation of the facility e.g. at the EPO’s espacenet database.

Data sources:

  • Databases of scientific publications (internal, ISI, Scopus, websites of relevant scientific journals)
  • Patent databases

Bibliometrics is the use of statistical and mathematical methods to study patterns and developments in the production and usage of bibliometric records as e.g. scientific publications or patents.

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